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Cupping is a myofascial tool that uses the force of suction to pull connective tissues (skin and fascia) away from muscle. Fascia is the internal casing of the human body, providing structure, support and stability. Cupping provides a decompressing effect, temporarily relieving tension, increasing fascial glide and range of motion, and reducing both localized and generalized pain associated with myofascial pain dysfunction. 

Cupping is done using both dry techniques in which the

cups are placed in regions of the body and are left for a

period of 5-10minutes. This method often results in the

cupping marks that can look like bruising however, they

are associate with stagnant blood flow below the

surface of the skin, the intensity can vary based on the

individual and will reduce within a week. 

Moving cupping is also utilized and produces more

generalized redness that reduces immediately. Cups are

placed on the skin lightly and moved around various

restricted areas of the body.

Cupping treatments are done using silicone cups and

usually consist primarily of a combination of both dry

and moving techniques, as well as manual and active

techniques as needed. 

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